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Luxury vacation rentals in or around Puerto Escondido? Or a budget room for your vacations? Are you looking for real estates or want to sell your home or just professional property management? We are your realtors, providing professional services for your convenience.

Surf or relax, peaceful vacations or fun, Puerto Escondido invites you to have fun at Playa Zicatela, one of the worlds most famous surf beaches, relax at Playa Carrizalillo or Manzanillo, enjoy peaceful vacations in a beautiful home in Carrizalillo or Rinconada. Also you can explore ancient villages, lagoons full of savage life, unknown lonely beaches, waterfalls, and so many other treasures more.

Property Management

we are dedicated to manage your Puerto home so that you can start your vacation right at the moment you are back to Puerto Escondido.


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  • short term rentals
  • long term rentals
  • houses, condominiums, bungalows, apartments, luxury lodging or budget rooms

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  • Presale:¬†Ocean Front Condominiums "Arrecife", Carrizalillo Dorado
  • Houses, condominiums
  • residential and commercial lots


We proudly present our team of Architects, Engineers, Master Builders, Plumbers, Electricians, Bricklaying gangs, Palaperos, Painters, etc. If you need plans only to build your dream residence, our architect will design your place and get the necessary licenses. If you need the whole staff we organize the perfect team for you to get your house done in the time you want it to be done, ready to put your furniture in.

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We are a Mexican-German couple with years of experience in Property Management, Sales, Rentals and Construction.

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